How to lose fat weight fast

Weight Loss Science Reviewed By A Weight Loss Doctor

  • Are you a bit overweight or obese? Overwhelmed-Obese-Woman-Looking-398
  • Are you searching for ways to lose weight or body fat?
  • Are you interested in understanding what is causing you to gain weight?
  • Do you have belly fat or upper body weight that you are trying to lose?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you are not alone. As a fellowship trained obesity medicine physician, let me review proven and effective ways to lose weight.

No matter what anybody might tell you  – there are about 5 proven ways to lose weight.

Obesity is treated using one or more of these 5 proven methods for weight loss:

Weight Loss Option 1.

A diet low in calories using Low Calorie Diets (LCD’s) or Very Low Calorie Diets (VLCD)
Weight Loss Option 2.

Increased physical activity most effectively with diet low in calories as exercise alone is not that useful for weight loss
Weight Loss Option 3.

Intensive Behavior Therapy(IBT) by a trained obesity medicine physician
Weight Loss Option 4.

Prescription medications such as Phentermine, the new weight loss drug Qsymia, or other medications
Weight Loss Option 5.

Weight-loss bariatric surgery which shrinks the stomach and forces you to have a Low Calorie Diet (number 1 or number 2). Since the stomach can re-expand after a couple of years, and given the complications, risks of surgery etc., bariatric surgery for weight loss is not for every body.

 Let us look at each of these weight loss options and how to combine different options such as VLCD or LCD with a weight loss medication, with a little bit of exercise for optimal and fast weight loss.

What is Very Low Calorie Diet?

A very low-calorie diet (VLCD) is not just any diet that is low in calories. It is a special type of diet that replaces all of your meals with prepared formulas, often in the form of liquid shakes such as the W8MD’s Meal Replacement shakes, smoothies, bars, and other weight loss meal replacement supplements.

A VLCD may be used for a short time to promote quick weight loss among some people who are considered to be obese. The diet requires close care from your doctor and is usually combined with other ways to lose weight

Do not go on a VLCD on your own. If you need to lose weight, talk a weight loss doctor about the approaches that may work best for you.

What is VLCD or Very Low Calorie Diet?w8md-pudding-shake-chocolate

A very low-calorie diet (VLCD) is not just any diet that is low in calories, usually around 800 calories under careful medical supervision. It is a special type of diet that replaces all or most of your meals with prepared formulas, often in the form of liquid shakes.

A VLCD may be used for a short time to promote quick weight loss among some people who are considered to be obese. The diet requires close care from your doctor and is usually combined with other ways to lose weight.

If you need to lose weight, and have health insurance, you may want to consider your nearest W8MD Medical Weight Loss Center’s Program.

If you do not have a W8MD center near you, talk to your doctor and see if they have an interest in adding a W8MD Insurance Physician Weight Loss Program Franchise at their office with no large startup costs.

The Low-calorie Diet (LCD)

An LCD limits calories, but not as much as a VLCD. A typical LCD may provide1,000–1,200 calories/day for a woman
1,200–1,600 calories/day for a man

The number of calories may be adjusted based on your age, weight, and how active you are.

An LCD usually consists of regular foods, but could also include meal replacements.

What is Modified LCD and Modified VLCD Diet?

At W8MD Medical Weight Loss Centers, we offer modified LCD and VLCD diets with 1-2 or your own meals prepared with written detailed instructions from us along with 3-5 of the very low calorie partial meal replacement weigtht loss smoothies, bars, shakes, soups etc.

This VLCD or LCD diet is usually combined with a weight loss prescription medication such as Phentermine, Topiramate (like in the new weight loss drug Qsymia) or other medications when appropriate, along with exercise instructions for optimal weight loss.

How can I lose weight with exercise?

While exercise is important, it alone is not very useful as a tool to lose weight unless it is combined with a calorie restricted diet.

See these articles on why exercise won’t make you thin from Time Magazine. According to Dr. Eric Ravussin, Chair of diabetes and metabolism at Louisiana State University, as reported on this time article, exercise alone is pretty useless as a tool for weight loss. This is because exercise makes you hungrier and also builds heavier muscle thereby compensating for any calories burnt.

This is a well established fact in the field of Obesity Medicine that exercise alone is not enough for weight loss and almost useless as a tool for weight loss.

Even Bally’s fitness acknowledges this and put it on their website.

You might not expect to hear this from the nation’s leading exercise and fitness company, but here’s the hard truth:

When it comes to losing weight, exercise alone usually doesn’t cut it. Most people need a COMBINED approach that addresses both diet and exercise.

See this piece from Bally’s Fitness on why exercise alone won’t cut it for weight loss

Shoud I consider Medical Weight Loss Or Bariatric Surgery?

Bariatric surgery is an option for some people. If you look at what this surgery does, it is similar to LCD or VLCD in the fact that bariatric surgery is artificially making your stomach small so you are forced to eat an LCD or VLCD diet which you might do on your own.

For most people, a non surgical approach with VLCD or LCD in combination with weight loss medications, and some exercise is the only proven way to go for long term weight loss success although surgery is an option for a minority of patients.

How can W8MD Medical Weight Loss Centers insurance weight loss program help?

W8MD Medical Weight Loss Program is a medical weight loss and sleep wellness program for people who are serious about losing weight and gaining control of their health. We understand that losing weight and keeping it off is a challenge for many people and a physician trained in the new field of Obesity Medicine can help. That is why we are committed to our proven approach to medical weight loss using evidence based non surgical methods. We want to give you all the tools you need to succeed in losing weight fast and safe in New York City.

Our Group has helped patients achieve their goals by using a proven four-Weight loss step method for safe weight loss:

  • a physician-supervised diet and weight loss medication,
  • a personally structured and administered exercise program,
  • comprehensive behavior therapy, and
  • ongoing weight maintenance support.

We can help you achieve long-lasting weight loss without feeling constantly hungry and deprived. When you resent your weight loss plan because you feel constantly hungry, it is much more difficult to maintain any significant lifelong changes. When you feel hungry, it is a bit late as your body thinks you are starving. The best strategy is to eat preventively with a very low calorie meals of about 200 calories or so using VLCD or LCD as noted above.

At W8MD Medical Weight Loss Program, we want to help you achieve lasting weight loss results and make changes that will keep you healthy for a lifetime.

W8MD Medical Weight Loss Program is dedicated to individualized, affordable treatment and as one of the very physician supervised medical weight loss programs to accept most health insurances for the weight loss physician visits.  Our non-surgical medical weight loss program is based on the latest medical research and utilizes proven methods to lose weight rapidly and keep it off for a lifetime.

Dr. Prab R. Tumpati is a highly trained and respected physician with training in Obesity Medicine, in addition to being board certified in Internal Medicine and Sleep Medicine, and is well versed in the medical treatment of overweight and obesity.

Dr. Tumpati oversees all our patients and helps customize their individual weight loss treatments. We are committed to helping you lose weight as safely and efficiently as possible.

W8MD’s 8 things to do for fast and safe weight loss in New York City or Philadelphia

Start with a knowing where you are with a body mass index calculator, a measuring tape, a copy of the last blood work, if have any and understand where you stand.

Weight loss step 1.
Check your BMI using an online BMI calculator. Go to and find the BMI calculator on the right side of the page, put in your information, and find out your BMI.

Weight loss step 2.
2. Get a measureing tape and measure your waist circumference in the most prominent part of the belly. Also measure the hip circumference. If you are male and have a waist of over 40 inches in the most prominent part, if you are a female and have a waist of over 36 inches, you may have underlying insulin resistance or metabolic syndrome that may be causing your weight gain, especially in the belly and upper part of the body. (For Asians, the threshold is 35 inches for men and 31 inches for women)

Weight loss step 3.
Check if you meet the criteria for metabolic syndrome. Go to and see if you meet the criteria for metabolic syndrome.

Weight loss step 4.
Find a weight loss program that accepts health insurance (if you have health insurance)

Weight loss step 5.
Consult with an Obesity Medicine Trained Physician knowledgeable about metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, and other causes for weight gain and can help you lose weight safely and effectively using evidence based methods.

Weight loss step 6.
Start a Low Calorie or Very Low Calorie Diet Plan that cuts you calories by about 500-1000 calories a day so you can lose about 1-2 pounds a week

Weight loss step 7.
Start walking or other low to moderate intensity exercise program. Understand that exercise alone is useless for weight loss but in combination with a reduced calorie diet, it helps.

Weight loss step 8.
Start a behavior change plan to help you stay on track with your goals.

If you have 10 pounds to lose or 100 or more pounds, you may want to consult a trained Obesity Medicine Physician that can do a thorough assessment of your situation and present the best option that suits your situation.

The good news is that W8MD medical weight loss can accept health insurance for the weight loss physician visits so you can lose weight fast, and safe and your insurance will most likely pay for the visits!

Weight loss appointments

Weight loss centers that accept insurance
Pennsylvania –Philadelphia Weight Loss
 Poly-Tech Sleep and W8MD Insurance Weight Loss Center: 1718, Welsh Rd, Philadelphia, PA, 19115


Our farthest patient comes from Nassau, Bahamas! Testimonials!

Philadelphia weight loss doctor

King of Prussia Weight Loss

Poly-Tech Sleep and W8MD Weight Loss Center at King Of Prussia: 987 Old Eagle School Rd, Ste 712, Wayne, PA, 19087


Our farthest patient comes from Delaware! Testimonials

New York City Weight Loss

W8MD’s NYC Insurance Weight Loss & Sleep Center at Sleep Medical Associates, PLLC, 2003, Bath Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 11214


Our farthest patient comes from Dallas, Texas! Testimonials

weight loss doctor new york city

New Jersey Weight Loss

W8MD medical weight loss program at Vida Sleep Center of Dr. Felix Roque’s office at 543, 45th Street, Union City, New Jersey. 543 45th St, Union City, NJ  07087

(201) 766-6469.

This center bills out of network for insurance.


About Prab R. Tumpati, MD, Medical Director

Dr. Prab R. Tumpati, MD is a practicing Obesity, sleep, aesthetic and internal medicine physician. As the founder and medical director of W8MD, Dr. Tumpati is very experienced and well versed in the science and the art of medicine having helped thousands of patients lose weight, sleep and look better!

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